Strawberry & Banana Smoothie For Weight Loss

Do you need a quick and easy recipe which is not only super easy but super healthy as well.

Well you have come to the right page. So if your resolution for 2017 is to make better food choices then this 2 minute recipe is something you can feel good about. Its as easy as one two & three!


Drinking one cup of strawberry smoothie contains more dietary fibre and fewer calories. The fibre contents of strawberry helps keep digestive system healthy as well as it aids in lowering the blood pressure and reduce overeating.

What are the benefits of drinking this smoothie

  • You can control the sugar
  • Taking fresh fruits is a great way to start the day
  • Strawberries are full of antioxidants that may help in boosting your immunity.
  • Bananas are rich in potassium and consuming this may help in strengthening your muscles.

Recipe:- Makes 2 Servings-

1 cup Yogurt
6 Strawberries cut into bite sized chunks
1 Banana sliced
1/2 cup Skimmed Milk
1/2 cup ice (as per need)
1 tsp honey

In a blender combine yogurt, strawberry and milk mix well. Serve immediately



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