7 easy ways to find time for exercise

‘I don’t have time’ – this is the most common excuse we give for not exercising. But on the other hand no matter how busy we are, we can always find time for spa sessions, salon trips, soccer match, movie, dinners, coffee dates etc. So is it really the case of not enough time or not enough will?

Always remember no matter how busy you are someone busier than you is working out right now.


Citing from a personal experience, I was also very busy working 6 days a week, I couldn’t take out time for exercise at all and then I used to look at my mom and even being busy all throughout the day she was very particular about her evening walk – in her own words, her evening walks were her absolutely cherished ‘me time’ and used to work wonders for her because she used to love them, she was highly motivated and there were only positive associations with that one hour. Voila, it took me more than 20 years to understand that my inability to find time for exercise is related to either lack of motivation, negative associations, fear or lack of enjoyment.


At this point of time am sure all of us are going through some kind of stress be it work related or otherwise and exercising is the best way to keep stress at bay. Here are 6 easy ways to find time for exercise –

Maintaining an active lifestyle should be our priority.


  1. Become an AM person:- Try waking up earlier and fix a schedule for your workout. Even 30 minutes in the morning can make a big difference.
  2. Be committed:- We all live and die by our calendars these days, so why not make an appointment you absolutely can’t miss—your workout session.
  3. Look for a ‘workout’ buddy:- Your workout buddy can motivate you on days when you don’t feel like moving at all.
  4. Be active while watching TV:- Ride a stationary bike, use weights or do stretches while catching up on your favourite shows.
  5. The Rule of 3s:- If you don’t have time for a steady 30-minute workout session, you can break your workout into three 10-minute segments instead!
    1. Spend first 10 minutes of workout before going to work
    2. Sweat it out for 10 minutes before lunch
    3. Go for a walk for 10 minutes on reaching home
  6. Find an App:- A fitness app may act as your fitness buddy and will motivate you and help you track your progress.
  7. Walk your dog:- If you have a dog at home, get the leash and take him out for walk. Both your heart and your pooch will say thank you J


Last but not the least – Skip the cake, say bye to the pie and try to walk after dinner. Follow these simple steps and let me know about your experience by commenting below.




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